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About Our Company

At Chatters Up, we deliver the best digital marketing solutions tailored to suite your marketing budget.  We understand the nuances for constantly having to do your own marketing successfully.  That's why we are here to help! Call us today to see how we can take your products to the next level.

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Chatters Up News

We've changed our look and added new products! 

Try our new Geofence and Mobile Wallet Technology.


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Marketing Solutions

SOCIAL Chatter

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Social media management of all your social accounts.

Advanced scheduling, social shopping, custom banners, social deals/sweepstakes, and topical content related to your business.

Collect customer emails and phone numbers for future marketing.

REVIEW Chatter

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Manage and respond to all your customers reviews in one platform for multiple locations.
Create your own custom mobile review/survey app for more positive reviews and feedback.  
Instant text notifications on reviews so you can respond instantly to your customers.

DEAL Chatter

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For free WiFi at you business, consumers login with their phone, email, or social media account that automatically gathers all the customers information.
You will be able to setup auto-pilot text and email campaigns that target your customers and send mass offers and messages to your customers including customers reviews and offers/deals that go directly into their Apple or Google wallets.

PerkUp Chatter

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Customized reward kiosks that are the most easy and effective way to engage customers.  
Hands-free NFC loyalty punch card & rewards app can help all businesses and provide loyalty programs for sit down restaurants.
Geo-fences use GPS to know when a consumer passes through the area and at that moment they will receive a push notification or offer to drive more customers into your business.  

STAMP Chatter

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 Turn those paper punch cards into a robust and easy to use mobile app. Attract new and keep current customers coming back with mobile deals and rewards.
Reward customers for sharing information and deals from your business on their social media to grow your customers.    

SWEEPS Chatter

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Create Sweepstakes in minutes. Collect customer emails and phone numbers and connect with your  customers via text and email marketing.
Grow your Instagram presence. Gain loyalty and create repeat business.

Who can benefit


Coffee Shops

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Hair Salons

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Pets/Stores Grooming

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Doctor/Dentist Offices

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